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Metal Roofs come with many pros and cons. Let’s discuss if metal roofing is the best option for your home.

Pros of Metal Roof

Most experts agree that the pros to installing a metal roof are for longevity,  fire resistant, and heat conduction.


Metal Roofs has been proven to last +50 years if installed properly. It has the ability to withstand high winds, prevent water leaks & resist fire.

Fire Resistance

Metal is noncombustible which means they are fire-resistant. However, true fire-resistance depends on the materials beneath the roof.  Metal roofs is installed over wooden shingles have a much lower fire-resistance classification.

Heat Conduction

Metal Roofs are know to save energy do to its ability to reflect heat from the sun. If minimizing ac use during the day is important to you installing a metal roof is perhaps the best option.

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