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Metal Roofing Gainesville FL

Residential metal roofing is gaining wide acceptance as a preferred roofing material by homeowners in the US and in homes all across the world and with good reason. Residential metal roofing has such a wide variety of different colors, shapes and types it can look like anything from Shingle to Slate to… well metal. In addition to all the style choice, metal roofing is also durable, energy efficient and very “green”

Metal Roofing

Gaining Popularity Among Homeowners

Recent years have seen a dramatic uptick in the use of residential metal roofing. Homeowners are beginning to recognize that this kind of roofing option provides them with cost benefits that exceed what they would get if they opted for other kinds of roofing materials due to its longevity.

Initially metal roofing costs more, but there are numerous reasons why someone would make the additional upfront investment in this upgrade. Residential metal roofing offers many benefits starting with increased energy efficiency keeping your home warm in the wintertime as well as cool during soaring temperatures. The secret is it’s built in reflective technology.

However, some people say the biggest advantage to metal roofing is the number of roofing style choices available. Metal roofing can appear like Slate (for much less), shake and all kinds of tiles and it comes in limitless colors. Plus there are tons of metal roofs that look like metal roofs that are absolutely stunning. Not to mention; metal roofing is durable with many manufacturers warranties lasting up to 50 years so you actually could end up with a roof that outlasts your home.

Also, as mentioned earlier, metal roofs are green green green. Metal roofing material is made of up to 65% recycled material; you can feel really great about putting a metal roof on your home from an environmental aspect. For those homeowners that plan on living in their homes for a long time, residential metal roofing is worth considering and is probably the most cost effective low maintenance roofing material available.

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